1)  How much money do a I need to make in order to qualify for the "Credit Forgiveness" program?
      Answer:  You must gross at least $1800 a month

2)  How long do I need to be on my job?
     Answer:  All though there are some exceptions most of our lenders require you to be on your current job for at least 3 months AND have at least 1 year job history.

3)  My income only consists of government assistance such as SSI  and disability.
     Answer:  Not a problem!  As long as you are bringing in at least $1800 a month

4)  I just had a repo can I still qualify for the program?
     Answer:  Yes!  All though we have a limited amount of lenders for that situation we can still get you done.

5)  What if I don't have any credit?
      Answer:  We do have some lenders that love first time buyers! 

6)  How much money down do I need?
     Answer:  I get asked this question A LOT!  In most cases the lender will require 10% to 20% down of the sales price.  But every situation and lender is different.

7)  How will the credit forgiveness program help my credit?
     Answer:  Our  lenders report on all 3 of the credit bureau's.  Making your payments on time will eventually increase your credit score and help you with further purchases.

8)  How long will I have to pay on my new loan?
     Answer:  In most cases the loan will be 48 months or less.

This is just a few of the most commonly asked questions.  For further details or questions give us a call at 850-444-9494